The problem with gendered marketing

Gendered marketing is a tricky beast. On the one hand it’s a handy tool that enables marketers to focus their marketing efforts on a target demographic, but by doing so there’s every chance you are going to offend or patronize the very people you want to like your product. Of course, gendered marketing is not […]

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How to stop a social media backlash

In the social media age, public backlash is routine for even the most cautious and ethical of brands. Perhaps it’s because people are more easily offended (how very dare you make such generalisations – ed.), or the ease of communication provided by platforms like Facebook and Twitter has emboldened consumers. Either way, you’ll want to […]

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Is your brand desirable?


Taking a brand from obscurity and turning it into a multi-million pound business does not happen over night. According to studies from the agency Clear, it takes a balance of substance, energy and connection, all of which are factors in influencing how consumers, think, feel and act towards a product or brand name. Clear produces […]

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