Copywriting is the cornerstone of what we do as a content specialist company. We’re passionate about copywriting and take it very seriously

Copywriting and distribution

The written word is a key part of all communication. Images may speak a thousand words, but try getting through the next five minutes without reading anything – you’ll find it almost impossible. We take words very seriously at Wise Marketing. So should you.
There is a popular opinion at the moment which says that anyone can write. We agree – just as long as they have plenty of experience and training. Our team of copywriters have all spent years working with the written word and are all passionate about quality.

We write for a variety of purposes:


Marketing copy

Whether you want highly targeted emails, web banners or landing pages, we can help. You want to reach customers, so we create messages that are bold, clear and catchy.

Website copy

Google advises webmasters that websites should be “useful, information-rich” with pages that are “primarily for users”. We concur. You will receive website copy that is relevant, to the point and highly readable.

Blogging and social media

Social media is essential if you want to create a dialogue with your customers, and yet writing for it can be tricky to master. We write chatty, well informed copy in your preferred tone of voice.

Before our fingers even touch the keyboard, we always start with research. Although sometimes neglected in the constant need for instant results, we believe that proper research will form the basis of good solid copy. This means properly understanding your target market, the corporate tone of your business and knowing your products inside out.

Once we’ve written the copy, we will also distribute it to your target market in the most efficient way.

Whatever your copywriting needs, Wise Marketing can help.

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