The problem with gendered marketing

Gendered marketing is a tricky beast. On the one hand it’s a handy tool that enables marketers to focus their marketing efforts on a target demographic, but by doing so there’s every chance you are going to offend or patronize the very people you want to like your product. Of course, gendered marketing is not […]

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Marketing acronym glossary

Do you ever feel like the world of marketing is filled with nothing but acronyms that make little to no sense in a normal day-to-day conversation? You’re not alone. Especially when you’re starting out as an intern in a marketing company, jumping through hoops to impress your superiors, the pressure to be in the know […]

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On Press Relations, Marketing, and Silly Mistakes


I’ll always argue that the best people working with the press on behalf of brands are former journalists. They know exactly what the press find interesting in a press release, they’re able to target the right people, and they also have an in-depth knowledge of exactly what mistakes not to make, allowing them to side-step […]

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