The first step for successful blogging – Finding your niche

Ah, the rat race. The early rise, the crammed bus, train, tube – or the dreaded traffic jam – then the office itself and all those pointless meetings, frantic deadlines and repetitious tasks. Only after you’ve struggled home again can you finally call the day your own. But there is another way isn’t there? Working […]

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When PR controversy is for a good cause


You may have heard the story about Paddy Power who upset green campaigners when they doctored pictures of the Amazon rainforest as a part of their World Cup campaign. Social media users were horrified by the image of “C’mon England PP” carved out of the Amazon rainforest, as a show of support for the England […]

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10 great UK TV adverts of the last decade

For anyone who follows us on Twitter, you may have noticed our hashtag #GreatAdverts from time to time. There have been some awful television ads on UK television over the years, but for every doozy that sends a marketing team back to the drawing board, you have the success stories that catch the jaded British […]

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