How to stop a social media backlash

In the social media age, public backlash is routine for even the most cautious and ethical of brands. Perhaps it’s because people are more easily offended (how very dare you make such generalisations – ed.), or the ease of communication provided by platforms like Facebook and Twitter has emboldened consumers. Either way, you’ll want to […]

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Marketing acronym glossary

Do you ever feel like the world of marketing is filled with nothing but acronyms that make little to no sense in a normal day-to-day conversation? You’re not alone. Especially when you’re starting out as an intern in a marketing company, jumping through hoops to impress your superiors, the pressure to be in the know […]

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EU Right to be forgotten – what’s it all about?

Last week it was announced that a number of apparently sensible articles had been excluded from Google SERPs. One worrying case was an article written by the BBC’s economics correspondent Robert Peston, about the mess Stan O’Neal had made of Merrill Lynch while he was chairman of that company. A storm of indignation followed swiftly […]

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Odd consumer bans around the world


The United States are apparently set to reconsider a long-standing ban on the import of Scottish haggis, thanks to an appeal by environment secretary Owen Paterson. The delicacy has been off the menu for over 40 years across the pond because a key ingredient to the dish, sheep lung has been banned in the US […]

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